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Grab quickly these sensational opportunities

The ROULINETTE : 1 invention = 2 markets to conquer


The ROULINETTE is an educational game and toy, for entertainment and patience especially made for the whole family, from 5 years.
Potential world market 10 million pieces

The ROULINETTE-LOTTO is an "useful and practical" item with commercial purpose allowing a fast drawing of lottery numbers, PMU or any other lottery.
Potential world market: 100 millions pieces
A business to quickly acquire.

Réf : 2001
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to restore and preserve one's health,
one's Beauty and one's welfare.

It is a precision electronic instrument allowing to anybody to easily locate and to massage the sensitive points of his body to "restore and preserve" one's Health, one's Beauty and one's Welfare !

It is a natural method inspired from chinese medicine interesting an ever-increasing amount of people. There are an estimated number of 3 billions of people on earth that are bending towards Natural Health Methods.


A golden business to grasp.

Réf : 2002
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VibraPunctor : VibraPunctor : oscillation massage apparatus,
with three "dimensional" effects.


An ideal product for the family, for various massages and against cellulite, but for professionals as well: masseurs, physiotherapists, and reflexologists.

The VibraPunctor offers you an ideal option : the veterinary acupuncture ! With this novelty, you can cure "by yourself" your cat, your dog, and your horse... a cow!
A worldly novelty to develop through the world for everybody's health!

Réf : 2003
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THERMOSEC: Safety thermostat for any water-cooling system engine!

This invention prevents from :
    - the engine "overheating"
    - to "burn" the head cylinder joint
    - the engine "destruction"
    - numerous "break down and wrecks" !

The engine constructors wish to make their engine very "reliable". The THERMOSEC is an opportunity that all manufacturers should grasp. Actually, there is an estimated 1,5 billions thermostats in use on earth.


The highest offer secures the sale !

Réf : 2004
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MEDISPOR : A medical and sport invention


Le MEDISPOR allows anyone to :

- to "hang" itself by the foot in order to submit to a full stretching, the backbone as well as all the body's articulations

- to practice "physiotherapy", gymnastic exercises or games.

the MEDISPOR can be easily removed and installed in a gymnasium, health-restoring centre,apartment, and playground or in one's own garden.

Invention for sale !

Réf : 2005
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CUSTOP : a closing lid for pots, with a spoon adapted
on it to extract
" easily and hygienicaly " what's inside

The applications :The CUSTOP is one ideal house tool allowing a very important "alimentary hygien" and perfect. Even more,
it prevents desease of babies and small children and of people in hospitals, etc.
With its " useful, practical and economic " aspect the CUSTOP will find a place in everybody's home around the world. Applications dans de nombreux domaines : artisans, industries, shops, etc. Space and military applications.
Applications militaires et spatiales.
The CUSTOP systema is really at the TOP of this kind of tool and will make easier the meal of astronauts while they will be orbiting around the earth in a spaceshift !.
A business to grasp ! a world and a space market to conquer!


The highest offer secures the sales !

Réf : 2006
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INVENTIONS to be exploited in the world


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