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Humanitarian project !

The APRIMMO company has as well given itself the goal to "find and select" inventions, products or services aiming to create manufacturing opportunities in developing countries.

The goal of APRIMMO is to confide to NGO's, foundations or non-profit-making organisations some innovative humanitarian projects suiting in priority the local necessity, for instance, health, water and nutrition, education and environment

The idea is to offer to "dynamic and effective" craftsman, the opportunity to develop "a new activity" then providing a higher earning leading to a better quality of life and global welfare.

A pilot project begun in MAURITANIA for the confection of the IVP educational and leisure games range.

A study realised by CARITAS-Mauritanie " Enfants des rues ", shows that the IVP games are suiting a real need.

In fact, this project's goal is to offer to unemployed young people the opportunity to learn to "confectionate and commercialise" new products, thus offering them the opportunity to make the apprenticeship of a job.


Sponsor our project

It is the OMPA Foundation that has the mission to implant and sustain this IVP games production in West Africa.

It is also by the mean of your financial support "small or big" that african families will get a more prosperous life.

MThanks for helping us in our mission!

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